Three Reasons Why You Should Avoid Making Forex Predictions For 2021

As if the hype of the recent past isn’t enough, we are given the chance to test our Bitcoin Predictions against a much more challenging target: the Securities and Exchange Commission. The CFTC is an agency of the United States government that oversees and classifies the various offerings of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, currency and mortgage-backed securities. Financial analysts predict that the number of derivatives that will be covered by the CFTC in the next two years will reach two trillion. This figure corresponds to about ten percent of the world’s total financial assets. A ten percent market share of the world’s derivatives would make the CFTC the most powerful broker-dealer network in the world.

Now let’s have a closer look at some predictions regarding the future of the cannabis industry in the US. If you take a look at the current landscape of marijuana in America, you’ll see only two profitable businesses currently active: the cannabis sector of legally regulated medical marijuana companies and the non-profit cannabis industry itself. Even if the first two industries capture a large percentage of sales, the three combined will barely scrape by financially. It’s no surprise that many financial analysts call for a wait and watch until the fourth and fifth years of legalization have passed before the sector can start producing cash.

In light of these potential obstacles, I’ve put forth a call to the CFTC to study the ramifications of regulating the cannabis sector just like it regulates the other four industries currently operating in the US. My call for this investigation comes as the result of my thesis that the next year will witness an explosive growth in value of the cryptocurrency. At present, the major altcoin markets are positioned against the backdrop of a US dollar that is rapidly losing its grip on the global economy. In my opinion, the best time to enter the cryptocoin marketplace is now. The five-year outlook is bullish and I believe that investors should purchase this bullish asset before investors lose confidence in its long term viability.

To make my forecast, I apply the most effective analysis method known to cryptoledgers, which is trend analysis. I use this approach because the price action is so powerful in representing truth in economics and in this case, in the world of cryptosurfers. If you have read any of my previous articles, you are aware of my belief that the price of cryptocoins will breakout in the next five years. Since I’m using trend analysis, which attempts to identify the commencement of price movement based on a set of indicators, I know that this prediction is accurate. Therefore, I apply the same methodology in my Forex trading software and use the same price prediction system to make my 5 years price prediction.

If you analyze the last five years worth of Forex price predictions and determine which was the incorrect prediction, you will see that there were four different sets of predictions. The general consensus was that the value of the cryptocoin would continue to grow. In my analysis, I apply the same criteria to the upcoming five years. I predict that we will once again see a massive burst in the value of the cryptocoin, but this time around we will witness an even greater crash.

At this point in time, the value of this virtual currency will be between fifty and two hundred dollars. From this information alone, it is apparent that this prediction was far from correct. However, if I apply the same metrics used in my Forex trading system and apply them to the current marketplace, I predict that the value of this virtual currency will end the year at approximately eighty-eight to ninety-nine dollars. These numbers are much too low considering that the virtual exchange is valued at one hundred seventy-eight dollars at this point in time.

The best indicator that can accurately measure the impending doom and gloom is market sentiment. Market sentiment is the valuation of any given currency pair when taken against each other on a neutral basis. With this information, it is clear that a great number of traders are placing extremely large bets on the incorrect assumption that the value of the bitcoin is going to recover. If you follow my forecasts, you’ll realize that my call for a short sell during the upcoming crash will be the main catalyst that causes this monumental crash.

It is my hope that you will be able to see that I am not attempting to sensationalize the news or make some ridiculous claims about the future of the cryptocoin. I am merely providing a fundamental analysis of the current value of the digital currency. If you want to make money from trading cryptocoins, you must understand that all currencies are derived from a basket of currencies that are derived from different countries. The current value of the bitcoins are derived from the United States dollar, which is backed by a vast array of world currencies. If you are able to buy and sell the correct currency pair, then you’ll be in profit!